the Countryside

I drove down the long roads to the countryside for this photo shoot. The air was filled with the scent of the flowers welcoming the coming of spring. The tall wheat grasses were golden and dancing in the gentle breeze. I love travelling out of the city once in a while. It rejuvenates the soul and clears my head of stress from my daily hustle. The location was a beautiful countryside barn. We chose a spot with a fence and tall golden wheat plants standing in the background. The Brandons looked fantastic against their rural backdrop and the light highlighted them perfectly. We had a good long chat after the photo shoot. They told me that they’ll want to work with me in the future. I am looking forward to it!


The Son Family

For this photo shoot, I had the pleasure to work with the funny and unique family of Sons. The weather was pleasant – the clouds big and fluffy, while the sun is almost setting down the horizon. We aimed for the best light and hurried to catch it before it was gone. The park was not packed that day – which was perfect – and the grass were as green as little sparkling emeralds in the ground. The family wore their most comfortable clothes for the photo shoot and huddled close to one another as I snap frame after frame after frame.  It was certainly a lovely day with them. I even got the chance to get to know them better through our photo shoot. I am definitely looking forward to working with them soon!

family photo shoot

Together as one

The Fitzgerald family is a happy bunch. I love watching how they interact with one another. You can feel their closeness just by looking at them. We held the shoot indoors since it was freezing outdoors around this month. When I arrived at the house, the Fitzgeralds were playing with Uno Cards. Their laughter is the music for the house and their bond is the foundation of their lovely home.  Since they are in their own place, the photo shoot went smoothly and everyone was very comfortable in front of the camera. Their energy is incredible which I was able to capture in frame. Have a look at some of the shots I snapped on that day.

family photoshoot

‘I Do’ in black and white

I love how volatile light is and how it plays such a huge part in my craft. In black and white photography, light is the hero. Ned and Sylvia love classics and the timeless. And so, it is only fitting that they choose black and white for their wedding portrait. The couple looked timeless and enchanting, a portrait worthy hanging in their home for their children to gaze upon on in the future. The light is gentle and played beautifully against the rustic background. This is one of the shots I will never forget. Even the candid shots looked spectacular. Have a glimpse of the black and white shots I took of the couple:

 black and white photography

Wedding Portrait by the Woods

The couple chose the woods. Yes, that’s right. They decided on a majestic and breathtaking forest nearby the reception. The tall trees and the green landscape is prefect! When I first met the couple at a quiet coffee shop in town, Philip and Helen revealed their love for nature to me. They showed me some photographs of their adventures in the deep sea, by the mountains and by the raging rivers. And so, I’m not surprised when they chose a forest as the location for their wedding portrait. They were very comfortable with the setting and looked fantastic against the natural background.  Take a look at some of the shots of this wedding photo shoot by the woods.

Happy couple bride and groom embracing they stand in a forest full length



Happily ever after

How do you picture a fairytale wedding? The bride dressed elegantly in a shimmering gown? The groom in his clean and crisp suit, looking ever so dashing as he waits for his bride by the altar? Is it the grand carpet grazing the reception grounds, with white roses lining every corner? Or is it the delicious towering wedding cake and the scrumptious food laid beautifully in the buffet table? I guess you’ll say, all of the above! There’s one integral element that I forgot to mention though. It’s the method by which you preserve all this memories in frame for you to relish this moment in the future. A wedding photograph! Dan and Jessie booked me to capture their happily ever after. Before they dove into the reception, we went straight to a nearby park lines with towering trees where we did their portrait as a newlywed couple. The backdrop was beautiful against the young couple. The shot is a beautiful memoir of their fairytale wedding! Here are some shots of their wedding portrait:

Happily ever after