I have lived in the US since 1992 and found my greatest inspiration ever is San Francisco .   I was born in Europe in 1977 and have been a traveler in all my life!  Eventually, we settled down in Sacramento, CA.

I am a world-citizen, a teacher of Italian language, an adventurer, a photographer, a nanny, a rebel, an astrologer, a philosopher, a silent warrior, an individualist, a believer, and many more…

Life is beautiful and we are here to explore! Explore the world and ourselves, we are here to push the limits and go beyond things that we never knew existed!
Every day of our life holds us miracles that need to be shown and I am here to show them with my camera!!

A photograph is more than an image. Photography is philosophy, love and inspiration.  I put all my heart in my photos and give away myself every time, freely and forever.  Photography is the deepest way of expressing me. They tell all my secrets where no words go beyond and no questions asked only purity and light! Photography is vision where the spirit meets the soul..

I am here to create and make your dreams come true. Life is a miracle and we all are here to create our own.

Let me be part of yours and make history together! The world needs us All…